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Trade and commerce as we use to call are now businesses with more than one objective. The business functions that we handled in a traditional way are now being pampered with tools and technology stemming from innovations in Information Technology. The IT majors, successful players and other budding companies are striking their best efforts to come up with possibilities in existing solutions and platforms to generate new solutions. Other businesses whose very sustenance is challenged by the use of these support systems offered by the IT industry are also on the look for technical intervention in every possible stream of action to enhance their productivity and profitability. This galloping horse called innovation seems to have no definite destination. Driven by what is present and the scope it opens up for the near future we are construing our efforts for an unknown betterment. Technology not only simplifies functions but also brings in complexity. To combat the so-called complexities we create newer technologies and the cycle continues.

From an environmentalist or a philanthropists’ standpoint this is farther a threat to the global society and to the upcoming generations, than the comforts and sophistication they bring in to our lives and businesses. From an economist’s or a technological stand point we have a dearth of possibilities and abundant markets to explore and exploit.

Businesses and creators of technology need a balanced outlook on innovation and development. We ought to have a corporate social responsibility that regulates growth, adopt areas that are underdeveloped and minimize the threat posed to the environment and the global population by technological advancement.

We don’t confine ourselves to business activities and profit generation; we extend our concerns to the environment we live in for a collective betterment. Even daily health club activity or sports activity will add many microbes to the car.



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