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Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Advertising Management

 One way that websites can generate traffic is through a pay per click (PPC) program. This program is a specific way in which businesses can advertise more effectively and reach a greater targeted audience. You will essentially pay to get your advertisement listed on other websites. These advertisements will often appear as a sponsored advertiser or other clearly marked advertisement. Vinacle Solutions can help you with this.

Our experts work with you to get your PPC campaign set up. We help you choose the best keywords to use for your PPC campaign. In addition, we help you write your ads so they are more attractive to potential customers, thus increasing the likelihood of getting more clicks. This will reduce the amount of research and work you need to put directly into the campaign.

Once the we set up your campaign, we help you place bids. Because of all the research we do on your keywords, we know exactly which keywords are best for your business to use. We also have the experience of knowing how the bidding system works and how to get the bids you need. This provides you with an advantage over businesses that try to management their campaigns themselves.

After your PPC campaign is in place, we follow your campaign to monitor its success. We report back to you the number of clicks you ads are drawing and other reports relating to your campaign. This ensures that you are getting the type of results you expect from your PPC campaign. These reports can also help you identify any changes you may need to make to your budget and whether to continue the campaign or try something else.

While some companies are able to use their own resources to manage a PPC campaign, it can be tricky for most organizations. In these cases,Vinacle Solutions helps a business create a successful campaign. From choosing keywords and creating the ad text/banners to making the bids and monitoring the success, Our PPC management team is the best choice. We help prevent a business from making mistakes with this type of campaign which can cost your business too much money.

Our complete list of our PPC services is as below.

As part of each PPC advertisement management service program, we perform a great number of tasks, including:

  1. Define campaign strategies: After the account has been established, we’ll define campaign(s) and ad group(s) set up.
  2. Advanced keyword research and selection: Whether you have an existing pay-per-click Internet advertising campaign or not, we perform keyword research as a best practice to ensure the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.
  3. Creative development: Our pay-per-click management includes custom, compelling, effective and creative writing when developing the ad text (titles and descriptions). Using our best practices, we will create text ads in order to attract the searchers attention with compelling content that highlights unique selling points or special offers. Our ads take users to relevant landing pages to help maximize click-through and conversion rates.
  4. Identify landing pages that convert: We identify the best existing destination or recommend improvements to facilitate site-level conversion.
  5. Implement campaign conversion tracking: We will work with your staff in generating codes to aid in tracking conversions from your pay-per-click marketing campaign.
  6. Advertisement submission: We will upload and submit the keywords and associated creative for approval by the search engines’ sponsored search programs.
  7. PPC account settings: We will establish and monitor the numerous account settings such as daily max spend, match type, countries and more, to maximize business goals.
  8. PPC bid management and ROI tracking: We will monitor and adjust the cost-per-click (CPC) bid for bid positions that yield the best return on client for each ad group or keyword in your campaign(s) to conform to your defined business objectives. Your CPC bid refers to the amount you pay for a click on your ad when the ad appears on the search network or partner sites.
  9. PPC monthly analysis: We perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions and performance trends. We develop a written document and then hold a conference call to discuss previous month activities and next steps.
  10. Campaign Assessment and Recommendations: We will suggest and implement ad campaign improvement, including changes to ad copy (title/description), keyword list modifications to improve Quality Score and bid adjustments.
  11. Creative testing and optimization: We will perform periodic testing of new ad creative (titles and descriptions), and revised call to actions.
  12. SEO ranking report: We will provide a monthly review and analysis of search engine optimization ranking report to determine where the site is ranked organically for keywords used in PPC accounts.


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