Search Engine Optimisation

Two main goals of internet marketing are: to increase overall website visitor amount and targeted traffic (amount of visitors that are looking for products or services you offer).

SEO involves analyzing how search engines work, what people are looking for, structuring and programming, optimizing content and fixing errors that might prevent indexing.

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We only perform ethical search engine marketing (optimization techniques that are approved by major search engines in their guidelines) that produces long term visitor increase without risks of being penalized or even removed from their listings.

Our marketing services go far beyond search engine guidelines; we prepare accessible sites ensuring that the content is well indexed and eventually ranked, also being attractive to the client.

To achieve best results in website ranking search engine marketing strategy is prepared before the site is constructed.

Optimization and marketing can be applied to already existing sites. We manually review each page determining if its source code is efficient and search engine friendly (complies with web standards). Most websites only need slight changes; older ones are often reprogrammed entirely. Wrong content selection, ineffective programming practices (such as use of text in Flash document, abused syntax, etc.) and lack of promotion are the main down performing factors in search engine indexing and ranking.

We use web based analytic software made by Google to gather data about daily visitor activity. From collected information we prepare reports and determine what pages are performing better than others and if visitors find the site with any relevant search terms.

After performance is evaluated low performing pages are usually rewritten and rebuilt to improve overall quality. Weak pages tend to significantly affect overall web site performance by lowering the conversion rate (percentage of visitors that do a beneficial task, like purchase or contact form submission)



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