Website Analytic Services


Website Analytic Services

 Web Analytics is a measuring tool, a metric that measures all the activities on a website, tracks visitors and monitors them. Getting a figure and statistics of your web site will help you enhance and/or promote your website and online business.

Do you wonder which half of your advertising is wasted because there was is no way to understand what’s working or not? Not any more! With our web analytics solutions, you can understand your visitors, traffic patterns, marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more. We can make it easy to fine tune your website and campaign performance to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Our analysis will furnish you with great and useful insights into your website interchange and advertising efficacy. With such technology your internet and web site use is not just smarter and friendlier but also more efficient. It is flexible and has unmatched ergonomic and powerful of use to help you in analyzing the data that you transfer, access or retrieve from the net. With such you are well ready to drive your web marketing initiatives a notch higher. You will have the capacity to make ads with better and effective targets as well as create superior converting websites for your firm or personal use.

Vinacle Solutions web analytic experts offer you advanced segmentation with top of the range interactive segment builder so that you are able to isolate and scrutinize all the subset of your website. You can also have it customized to give you the information you need instead of generating variables that you may not necessarily find useful. With such flexible customization and tracking you will get customs reports when and where you want and exactly the way you want them.

Continuous improvement should be a fundamental part of your web analytics goals. It’s not enough to just measure. You have to distribute the results of measurement to all key personnel, especially those in sales and marketing, to continuously improve your website and marketing campaigns.

You should also recognize there are obstacles to implementing the actions suggested by your SEO and PPC analytics reports. Sometimes it is not crystal clear just what actions should be taken. Other times, management fails to share the reports with all the right people. In the end, many companies do not take action based on their data because of the uncertainty and/or a lack of resources.

This can be avoided by establishing a Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) based on your Key Performance Indicators. Once your CIP is established and understood, changes to your website will be made based on principles guaranteed to produce expected gains – and the gains will be reflected in your bottom line.

In order to understand what web analytics can do for you and to get a handle on what to measure, why, and what these metrics mean to your business, it helps to apply the customer life cycle framework. A customer life cycle framework includes metrics for reach, acquisition, conversion and retention. This framework gives you a business model for understanding the nature of your business in relation to other businesses.



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